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An update from Amanda Hall

August 29, 2019 By: Barry Chong

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Tell us the best news you received this past quarter about your business.

This has been my most exciting quarter yet. My team and I reached some very important milestones with our prototype, we took second place in the Energy New Venture Competition, and we were shortlisted for the National Angel Capital Organization’s (NACO) Most Promising Startups of 2019. These are all welcome and measurable rewards for our hard work to date.

Any other highlights from the last few months?

I had the absolute pleasure of hosting Leaders, Innovators and Big Ideas, a podcast supported by Rainforest Alberta that covers the province’s innovation ecosystem. On it, I met Steven Vaivada, a First-Nations engineer and president of Scout Engineering and Consulting. His story about his upbringing and various challenges as an entrepreneur was enlightening. I was in awe of how he constructed his value systems and by his mission to innovate for First Nations people. Steve and I talked after the podcast about how I can effectively collaborate with Indigenous communities in Chile, where we will be implementing our first lithium extraction field demo unit. His advice is to listen — it’s the most important part of communicating.

What do you do to maintain work-life balance?

Quite simply, I try to combine those two things whenever possible. I literally go for a run when I need to solve something with my technology. I hold yoga poses while I type emails, do stairs carrying my suitcase when I’m at the airport, and meditate before I fall asleep at night. I read books about Chilean history and successful business ventures for fun. Some of my friends are entrepreneurs and we build each other up, hold one another accountable to goals, and meet for drinks when we need to unload stress. And I can always count on my three amazing daughters to keep me up to date with the latest music, YouTube video and movie trends.

What unexpected thing did you learn about yourself this year?

I learned that when the lows come (and do they ever come) they don’t last long. With quick thinking and creative planning, we can make our way through, over or around anything that stands in our path forward.

Amanda Hall