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An update from Evelyn Allen

September 5, 2019 By: Barry Chong

This post is also available in: Français (French)

Tell us about the best news you received about your business these last few months?

Thanks to some help from NRCan, we were able to hire our first employee! He’s a new mechatronics engineering graduate. He’ll be focusing on scaling and further automating our nanomaterial manufacturing process under the supervision of NRCan expertise. He’ll also be working closely with our research scientists to understand the needs of our system and implementing those strategies.

Have you met any inspiring people thanks to the Women in Cleantech Challenge?

I’m always meeting interesting people. In May, I had a chance to visit General Fusion, a company in Burnaby focused on developing clean fusion energy. During the tour, I met Michel Laberge, the company’s founder and chief scientist. Learning about how Michel started General Fusion in a small garage and to see how far the company has come was inspiring. I loved learning about his path to entrepreneurship in plasma physics and I was impressed with his charisma and ability created a shared vision for a clean future.

What do you do to maintain work-life balance?

I frequently work from home which allows me to seamlessly and efficiently integrate my busy work schedule with my family’s needs. I wake up early to exercise and work, then I can easily transition to helping my children get ready for school. After they’re off on the school bus, I’m able to get back to work without wasting valuable time commuting. Working from home also allows me to multitask (exercise, maintain the house, etc.) when I’m taking online courses or listening to webinars etc.

Any upcoming trips or retreats for you?

I’m travelling to the most northern part of BC’s sunshine coast to visit my brother and his family. They are successful entrepreneurs and I’m always inspired to see their dedication to transforming an old business they bought into a vibrant one. I’ll be working remotely as part of our visit and I’m excited to get a feel for living in a small coastal community with activities like beachcombing, hiking, biking and kayaking.

Evelyn Allen