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An update from Julie Angus

September 12, 2019 By: Barry Chong

This post is also available in: Français (French)

What’s the best news you received this past quarter about your business?

Winning $100,000 in the Impact Investor Challenge! We were one of the five finalist companies selected out of more than 100 to participate in a 10-week impact investing competition hosted by Spring Activator in Vancouver. After a final pitch in front of a packed room, the investor group voted and chose our company to receive the grand-prize investment.

We also won the National Angel Capital Organization’s (NACO) Most Promising Startup of the Year Award. To be chosen as Canada’s top startup by an association made up of thousands of angel investors who have invested nearly one billion dollars in startup companies is an incredible honour.

Any other highlights from the last few months?

We attended the Clean Energy Ministerial in Vancouver and had the opportunity to present on a Women in Cleantech panel. We also participated in a luncheon with youth ambassadors from around the world. But the highlight for me was meeting our Minister of Natural Resources, Amarjeet Sohi. He and his department are responsible for implementing a number of innovative, sustainable solutions across the country. Given the breadth of his portfolio, I was amazed at how much he knew about each of the Women in Cleantech companies.

How have you been able to maintain work-life balance?

I try to exercise every day — either a run or power yoga session in the morning, and I like to ride my bike to work when I can. I also meditate in the evenings and before I go to sleep. When I’m home, I want to focus on my children and not be distracted by my to-do list.

Do you plan on taking some personal time soon?

We have a rustic, off-grid cabin in the Gulf Islands which is our total escape. There are no ferries to it and no cars on it. On long weekends we travel there in a rowboat and savour the unwired world of beaches and old-growth forests.

What unexpected thing did you learn about yourself this year?

I learned that I really enjoy meeting new people. I’ve always thought of myself as more of an introvert, but a big part of building a company is learning from others. At first it was difficult — initiating conversations with complete strangers to better understand their market pain points. But now I quite enjoy it and view every conversation as an opportunity to grow my knowledge, learn about an interesting person and, if possible, share my insights.

Julie Angus