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Checking in with Evelyn Allen

December 12, 2019 By: Barry Chong

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What are you most excited for in the next three months?

The next quarter will be game-changing for us. We’re anticipating great results from our current paid projects with a power-producing company and material company, which include validating our nanofilms for specific use cases. In addition, we’ve been accepted into the Creative Destruction Lab (energy stream) in Calgary. I’m excited to meet the experienced entrepreneurs and leading scientists who are active in the energy sector, and get feedback and support for our venture. Finally, our team is working hard and will be operationalizing our fourth-generation prototype of our coating system.

Talk about a recent setback and how you overcame it?

This past summer we applied for a grant that would have provided us with unique access to chemistry lab support for a project related to our coating technology. We were disappointed to hear that our application was not successful. I’m always looking for opportunities to improve and to learn what we can do better next time. I asked to meet with the manager of the funding program and she gave us critical feedback on our application. The insights she gave us helped us refine our message and we were successful in a subsequent grant with a different agency.

Are people reaching out to you to learn about your project?

Yes. We’ve had significant interest in our coating technology across many sectors. For our initial use case, where we are manufacturing membranes for air dehumidification, we recently had a Canadian HVAC company reach out to us while at a conference. This company is excited about our work and can see value in our technology for their large clients. Together we are exploring the opportunity to submit a joint development project to secure funding in this area.

What is one thing the general public could do to help you?

The amazing and overwhelming support I’ve received from family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and people I meet day-to-day (general public) has been invaluable. If people reading this are interested in helping, I ask you to support the entrepreneurs in your life. Small things can make a huge difference. For me, that’s included warm introductions, grant/video reviews, listening to my pitch (many, many times), photography assets, moral support and general cheerleading.

Evelyn Allen