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Author: Alexandra Tavasoli

Is “academic” thinking really different than “business” thinking?

Upon spinning off Solistra from the Ozin lab at the University of Toronto, the main piece of advice from my advisors was that I needed to switch my mindset from “academic” thinking to “business” thinking. They indicated they had seen this in many graduate students trying to spin off companies from their graduate research, and […]

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On the importance of openly discussing your challenges as a female leader

I was recently told that airing my past career challenges in a public blog post wasn’t “putting my best foot forward”. This is something I wholeheartedly have to disagree with… publicly, in a blog. In a program predicated on systemic change, I find it funny that challenging the social status quo is seen as detrimental, […]

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My first 250 days as an entrepreneur

I’ve often felt pulled in opposite directions. When finishing high school, I felt torn between studying music and engineering; and when planning where I would settle down, I fought between living in the bustle of downtown Toronto and disappearing into the spindly wilderness of northern Ontario. These are easy examples. In my work, this habit […]

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