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Author: Amanda Hall

Amanda Hall on finding business wisdom in a beloved poem

One of my favourite poems is “If—” by Rudyard Kipling. The poem is instructive, laying out the qualities of a successful “man.” Blatant gender reference aside, the poem can be useful in another way: as a guide for leaders and CEOs, regardless if they are male, female or otherwise. The instructions are harsh but true. […]

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Amanda Hall on the “rocket fuel” that propels successful teams

Early one morning, I logged into a soundcheck for a virtual panel discussion. The A.V. folks asked us to answer the question, “What did you eat for breakfast?” as a means of testing the connection. After hearing responses ranging from toast, eggs, yogurt, cereal, etc., it was my turn. I paused briefly and answered: “In […]

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Don’t take “no” for an answer

I have never once bought a lottery ticket. My father and mother taught me that there are no short cuts to successfully reaching one’s goals. Hard work and “stick-to-it-iveness” is the only way. They didn’t just preach this as an adage, they modeled it with their tireless commitment to pursuing their visions. I was fortunate […]

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The art of thinking like a CEO

One thing I’ve been thinking about these last few months is, in fact, how I think. Have you ever wondered about your own programming? How can I be sure that my thought processes, and ultimately my decisions, are unbiased and adaptable? Physicist Richard Feynman talked about how cognitive dissonance can foil wise decision-making. He said: […]

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A word from Amanda Hall

  Is a CEO supposed to be impervious to doubt and fear? You have to think about a lot of stressful things as a CEO: delivering for your customers; generating revenue; retaining your amazing team; doing right by investors; and so much more. Some say that doubt and fear can be debilitating, but for me […]

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