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Author: Luna Yu

Luna Yu on finding positives in the pandemic

This might seem strange, but I’d like to focus on viewing the pandemic through a positive lens. It has now been over a year since the initial lockdown, and in that time, several things have happened to make Genecis a better company. To be clear, the pandemic is a horrendous event that that has devastated […]

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Luna Yu on turning personal mistakes into team wins

The last few months of 2019 were a difficult time for us. Looking back at my schedule during the summer, I realized I had not adequately pushed the company forward. Busy work, the pursuit of shiny new things, and avoiding difficult decisions were the cause. I don’t want to fall into the same potholes going […]

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Reflecting on what matters most

Q2 presented a unique opportunity for us to slow down, reflect on what matters most, and take steps in re-directing our focus. It helped us recognize critical things we’ve overlooked in the past year. One of these things is maintaining a fanatic drive to better understand our customers. Since inception, we have gone through many […]

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3 key lessons for budding entrepreneurs

In the last three months, my company faced many new challenges and were forced to come to terms with old problems that were swept underneath the rug. It’s made me want to reflect on the key lessons I learned. I hope this is will help you avoid the same pitfalls. Without vision, a growing ship […]

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