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Author: Nivatha Balendra

Nivatha Balendra on growing your company, even in the most daunting times

Over the last year, we have seen an important evolution in the global economy with increased focus on sustainability. At Dispersa, our goal was to continue accelerating despite the setbacks of the pandemic by quickly identifying opportunities. As the global crisis continued to develop, we noticed that consumer demand for products such as disinfectants and […]

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Navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic

It was the morning of March 13 when I received an email saying that companies were under government directives to start working remotely due to the novel coronavirus. Our lab buildings were shut down immediately and we had no means of recuperating any of our items. What started off as a two-week notice to my […]

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Another year, another opportunity

2019 was a year filled with learnings, opportunities and developments. As we flip the page into 2020, and venture into a new quarter, our goal at Dispersa is to progress towards the commercialization of our technology. My focus this year is to dedicate our efforts on product development and fostering business partnerships. This includes: advancing […]

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A word from Nivatha Balendra

    This past quarter has been particularly special as we clocked in one year of running my company, Dispersa, on October 29. It’s humbling to see how an idea turned into a working reality in just 12 months. It all started with a vision: developing my environmental microbiology research into a product that could […]

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