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Category: Julie Angus

Catching Up with Julie Angus

What technology challenges have you faced over the past few months and what steps have you taken to overcome them? A big focus for us has been developing the communication systems and live-stream video feed for our autonomous boats. Our solar-powered boats can travel both in coastal waters and far offshore, which means that, at […]

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A conversation with Julie Angus

What is your company trying to do? Our goal is to transform how we understand and protect our waters by helping build an Internet of Things for the ocean. We are developing energy-harvesting autonomous boats equipped with sensors and cameras to make oceanic observations that can be relayed instantly. We offer a safer, more efficient […]

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Cleantech entrepreneur sees an ocean of opportunity

Victoria, BC-based Julie Angus understands the ocean better than most people – its beauty, power and environmental importance. In 2006, Angus became the first woman to row across the Atlantic Ocean with her partner on a 156-day, 10,000-kilometre odyssey from Portugal to Costa Rica. “Being on the open ocean in all of its states is […]

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